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Vertaling nummers Ghalia Benali

foto: ANP, Fethi Belaidfoto: Karim Hayawan
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  2. Vertaling nummers Ghalia Benali

Lees hieronder de Engelse vertalingen van de twee nummers die Ghalia Benali zong tijdens de uitzending van 13 februari inclusief het optreden.

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With every morning and every sunrise
I cry you with longing tears
The snake of passion has stung my body
And there is neither a doctor nor a healer can cure me
But the lover whom I'm passionate fore
He is my healing spell and my antidote


My story is about the love of a wise Sultan
Who ruled the land with his justice, asceticism and fineness And his sword, with a diaphanous melody from a string
In the voice of a gleeful Abigail
All stars sang for her
With all delights of ornaments and incense

Her Sultan was soft like gardens’ flowers
In his heart the lunacy of amorousness
Writes his poems for love
Through love he was his own master
And the sword eternalized his memory
His law is: Be passionate to be!

Do you think you are a master in my epoch
O Shahryar of our rebellious age
Know that those who were harmed by their desires
Don’t reach amorousness or be a master
He called her of excessive affection
Fearing that dawn couldn’t be his witness

She told him: O Shahryar your time is over,
You who used to revolt against our yearnings
I will tell you a riddle from “Laila’s” story
For thoughtful consideration where worshipper transcends

If you slept during it, you lord of your own epoch
I will narrate thousand nights and recite
I am Shahrazad who was brought by your thoughts of assaulting women
Enjoy thousand nights with “Laila” till you calm down and repent
Women are fruits dipped in poison and delicious black honey.

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