Faust Program (English Version)

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19.05 - 19.45 Faustian music and interview with Verity Wingate, soprano and Frederik Bergman, bass-baritone

circa 19.45 Faust-concert by the Studio of Dutch National Opera

Lochlan Brown - Luba Podgayskaya, piano
Verity Wingate, soprano (Gretchen/Marguerite: Gounod, Verdi, Loewe)
Julietta Aleksanyan, soprano (Gretchen/Marguerite: Schubert, Liszt)
Maya Gour, mezzosoprano (Siebel: Gounod - Gretchen/Marguerite: Loewe, Berlioz)
Jouman Fattal, speaking voice (Gretchen: Goethe)
Maksym Nazarenko, baritone (Valentin: Gounod)
Frederik Bergman, bass-baritone and speaker (Mephistopheles: Beethoven, Wagner - Böser Geist: Schubert - Faust: Goethe - arias: Offenbach, Stravinsky, Von Weber)
Sam Carl, bass-baritone (Mephistopheles: Moessorgski, Gounod - Chorus: Schubert - arias and songs: Stravinsky and Saint-Saëns)
Recital compiled by: Rosemary Joshua (Dutch National Opera Studio) and Hein van Eekert (NTR Operalive)

Narration: the devil is everywhere.
Offenbach, Les contes d'Hoffmann 'Dans les roles d'amoureux langoureux' - Frederik & Lochlan.
Narration: Mephisto takes Faust to a beer cellar
Mussorgski, 'Song of the flea' - Sam & Luba
Beethoven, 'Song of the Flea' - Frederik & Lochlan
Narration: Mephisto restores Faust's youth
Berlioz, La damnation de Faust 'Voici des roses' - Frederik & Lochlan

Narration: Faust meets Gretchen on a street
Dialogue: Jouman & Frederik
Narration: Gretchen would have been better off  with a more innocent young man...
Gounod, Faust 'Faites-lui mes aveux' - Maya & Luba
Narration: Gretchen's love for Faust grows but also brings restlesness....
Monologue: Jouman
Schubert, 'Der König in Thule' - Julietta & Lochlan
Liszt, 'Der König in Thule' - Julietta & Lochlan
Berlioz, La damnation de Faust 'Chanson du roi de Thulé'  - Maya & Luba
Monologue: Jouman
Gounod, Faust 'Air des bijoux'  -  Verity & Luba
Dialogue: Jouman & Frederik
Berlioz, La damnation de Faust 'D'amour l'ardante flamme' - Maya &Lochlan
Monologue: Jouman
Schubert, 'Gretchen am Spinnrade' - Julietta & Luba
Loewe, 'Meine Ruh' ist hin' - Maya & Luba
Verdi, 'Perduta ho la pace' - Verity & Lochlan

Narration: Gretchen has a brother: a soldier, proud of his sister's virtuous nature...
Gounod, Faust 'Avant de quitter ces lieux' - Maksym & Luba
Narration: Gretchen gets pregnant. Faust abandons her...
Monologue: Jouman
Schubert, 'Gretchen's Bitte' - Julietta & Luba
Narration:  Valentin returns. Mephisto mocks Gretchen...
Wagner, Lied des Mephistopheles 'Was machst du mir?' - Frederik & Lochlan
Gounod - Faust 'Vous qui faites l'endormie' - Sam & Lochlan
Narration: Valentin gets killed. Gretchen is tormented by inner voices...
Schubert, 'Szene aus Faust' - Julietta, Frederik, Sam & Luba

Narration: Faust and Mephisto visit the Witches' Sabbath...
Stravinsky, The Rake’s Progress ‘Come master’  - Sam & Lochlan
Weber, Der Freischütz ‘Schweig, damit dich niemand warnt’ - Frederik & Luba
Saint-Saëns, ‘Danse macabre’  - Sam & Luba

Narration: Gretchen, accused of killing both her mother and her child, is in prison. Faust attempts to free her...
Dialogue: Jouman & Frederik
Stravinsky, The Rake's Progress 'I freeze, I burn' - Frederik & Lochlan
Loewe, 'Ach Neige du Schmerzenreiche' – Verity & Luba

Afterwards: conversation with Verity Wingate and Frederik Bergman and more music