Camiel Boomsma is een bijzondere pianist, die rustig zijn eigen weg gaat. Zijn spel is integer en poëtisch. Zijn benadering van muziek diepgaand. Wat onderstreept wordt door de eerste alinea in zijn toelichting bij de nieuwe cd: The innermost side - unfold:

"When I see the old Horowitz play Liszt’s Au bord d’une source at his home I am always made aware of the great value of vulnerability in music. It is a form of acceptance and openness that puts into perspective our own mortality and the immortality of music. Emotion and expression exist thanks to vulnerability. We should not fear a truthful dialogue between the artist and the work of art."

Op deze nieuwe cd (deze week elke avond in Passaggio te horen) speelt hij Liszt en Schubert. Hij maakt de diepste lagen in de muziek hoorbaar, en wat is dat anders dan zijn eigen ziel.

"The meaning, or perhaps ‘state of mind’, of artistry is a certain silent, ungraspable commitment to something that goes beyond interpretation and craftsmanship. It is a primal force that unfolds, like a deafening silence. It is an innermost side that is as real as it is mysterious. With this album I have attempted again to search for those layers of the soul, that very specific moving language."